I’m Kacie And This is My Story

Nice to meet you, friend. I’m Kacie, a 36 year old wife, mom to 4 boys (ages 2-16), and the heart and soul behind Wander Wildschool.

My own venture into wildschooling unfolded when my youngest son started struggling as early as pre-k. Yep- PRE-K!

I watched my curious, adventurous little boy lose his vibrant spirit in the traditional school setting within no time. Witnessing his confidence crumble, I did my best to navigate the overwhelming school systems, burdened by the weight of judgment and a lingering sense of inadequacy.

By Kindergarten, I was told that he needed to be assessed by a specialist and so I did. He was given many diagnoses, medications, and began therapy. None of this made school any easier for him or me.

Despite initial setbacks, I persisted, pulling him out of school, and then later, putting him back in out of doubt that I actually had what it took to homeschool my very own child.

The journey was tumultuous, marked by tears, meetings, psychologists, specialists, and IEPs- you name it. It was when I took my son off medication and finally decided to homeschool him for good that I saw a remarkable transformation.

How it’s Going

Fast forward to today, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Witnessing my son blossom into a joyous learner, finding his strengths, feeling confident and unburdened by comparisons – it’s been the most incredible journey.

What I realized is that my son didn’t need all of those interventions.

What he needed was fresh air, a place to run and play, explore nature, and learn naturally when he was ready. And I needed that, too.

That aha moment hit me hard, and guess what? I brought all my kiddos home for a wildschooling adventure. Now, rewind a bit, and I’d never have believed I had it in me. But hey, surprise!

This unexpected turn in my life ignited a fierce dedication. And now I’m on a mission to mission to spark curiosity, ignite imaginations, and foster a love for learning that goes beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. And, of course, to remind parents all the many reasons why no one is more capable than teaching their very own children.


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